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Brookstone Reviews

Brookstone is a specialty retailer offering electronics, home furniture, office furniture, travel equipment and fitness gear. is an online store and chain retailer of 300 stores, with which shopping online is a relatively great user-experience.

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Patricia V. posted on 12/11/2011

"Great store that offers some unusual gifts. You'll just have to go there to see for yourself. I sire would love to get on of those in door flying helicopters. I specifically want the hover craft model.

What I did find that I would like to have is a roll up bluetooth silicon wireless keyboard for iPad. It said iPad but I left wondering if I could be used with both Mac & PC's or just the iPad. Who knows?"

Donley P. posted on 4/12/2013

"If you're in the market for over-priced gadgets and such this is the place to go."

S B. posted on 11/18/2013

"Products are cool. Not really super original but still relatively unique and great for gifts. The quality is very good, way better than Sharper Image which sells similar products.

If I were to rate the B&M Brookstone stores, I would give it 4 stars. They have great in-store customer service, very helpful sales staff, and the products, while relatively expensive, are sort of worth the money. is a different story. They still use the old-school shipping charge schedule where the shipping cost goes up based on the dollar amount of the order. You can order a $2,000 camera that weighs 1 pound and shipping will be more than a $100 beach chair that weighs 20 pounds. A $99 iPad Bluetooth keyboard is $99 and shipping is $17.99.

They offer % off coupons relatively often to bring their prices somewhat in line with market prices, and also offer free shipping codes very often.

BUT HERE'S THE CATCH - You can't use both at once. So if you use the 25% off coupon you end up paying the $18 shipping which sorts of negates the benefit of the coupon. Furthermore, the coupons cannot be used at stores, so you are stuck. Smells of a bait and switch to me."

JamieC01. posted on 8/25/2014

"I recently ordered a Fitbit Flex wristband from Brookstone in their exclusive bright blue color. My shipping information came right away and my package was delivered 3 days later even though I didn't pay for expedited shipping. I did use their coupon code SHIP99 to get free shipping on my order. Overall, I found the Brookstone site very user friendly and easy to navigate, and my purchase process and order were to my satisfaction."

t j. posted on 12/10/2014

"Don't order anything from brookstone online. I placed an order on the first it took them to the 6th to tell me its not available. It should have said that from when i first placed the order. Mind you i called on the 6th and the supervisor told me it would go out for shipping that day. Hours later they don't have it. Then i check my credit card and the payment is still pending. So on the 8th i tell them thst and they tell me to give them 48hrs which i did to find out my card has been charged. So now I'm trying to get my money back and were approaching two weeks."

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