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Toshiba Reviews

Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its diversified products and services include information technology and communications equipment and systems, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, office equipment, lighting and logistics.

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Trudi M. posted on 4/11/2011

"Computer laptop under warranty, the charger breaks, therefore, no way to charge the computer. Called tech support and was told that it would take 2 weeks to receive a new charger and they demanded a credit card number to temporarily charge for $71.00 until the damaged one was returned. So, not only do they take $71 dollars for a number of weeks, but they also refused to overnight or speed up the delivery of the charger, leaving us without the use of the computer for 2 weeks. Do not ever do business with these people! They are rude on the phone and offer no alternative."

Dennis C. posted on 1/8/2013

"The website is easy to use, simple, everything is where you expect it to be. Very user friendly. The colours seperate the page nicley."

dianeaakin. posted on 4/10/2013

"I owned a Toshiba laptop for 10 years and it always was reliable. Never got sluggish like some of the other manufacturers models did. Also, my mother is the president of a fairly large computer club and has been for many years so when I decided to purchase a new laptop I asked her advise. She hears all he complaints. She recommended Toshiba because from her experience and the experience of her users they have had very little trouble with them and it is a much more open ended system then HP or Dell. She told me to NOT to buy HP because her users have had nothing but problems with them and having to send them back to the manufacturer to get them fixed and they come back not fixed. Many of users own HP's because of their price point. The Toshiba laptop I was looking at to purchase was exactly what I needed with the CPU power, hard drive space and memory. It was a line that they were discontinuing which was information I received from her husband after he researched it further for me and the price point was very good for the specifications. They stated that I would receive it in about 3 to 5 days and I received the laptop in 4 days. Here's the best part ~ I have had it for a few months and it is performing beautifully. I could not be happier. "

lee1984. posted on 10/2/2014

"I must say im very surprised at the bad reviews on here I had a toshiba blue ray player last christmas and it was great until it developed a fault ten months down the line, a quick phone and they replaced the box and remote within two days delivered free of charge no problem at all... great customer service if u ask me"

mrzenmantoadi. posted on 12/1/2014

"i dropped my laptop two months after purchasing it and got dead pixels. called customer service and said its not covered. well it is a touchscreen and they want more money to repair the screen than i paid for the laptop brand new with everything ill just junk this one and go buy a more reliable brand"

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