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Ancestry is the world’s largest website for family history records, which has the largest online database on genealogy across the world. is a leading resource for online genealogy, with which users can explore their history and discover the secrets of the past. The company has gained recognition over the years because of the advantage they offer shoppers.

Real Customer Reviews

"I grew up separated from Dad's and much of my Mother's family. I felt less than others. Abandoned. Now I see myself as having worth and a responsibility to those who went ahead of me enduring such hard times.

I want to use this info that Ancestry helped give us to live better lives and to help my children feel better about themselves and to make a better contribution to our society."

- Steven Schelling 5/26/15

"I started with Family Tree Maker and have been using for years. I find it to be well worth the money and have found lots of info on my family. I guess if you expect something for nothing you might not be happy with it. I will continue using it for years to come."

- Ardelle G. 5/20/15

"The service for world archives is $34 monthly. My great grandmother was from Spain and I was curious to see where my family came from. Honestly, $34 dollars a month is waaay too much for the resources they provided. I found cousins and family I already knew I had, and people who are alive still, but nothing dating back past my great grandmother."

- Julio 5/15/15

"I've been interested in genealogy for years but Sweetie got me onto I used it for several months and it was a big help.

They make it easy to explore other family trees, and I learned a ton of info about those ancestors I knew plus found many new ones. You do need to be a little careful about, you know, just clicking on somebody with the same name as one of your relatives. You're not sure if they're actually the same person. Do some cross-checking.

I also used the ancestry DNA service. Easy to do: spit, send off and wait. You get back an interesting map of where you're from, and leads on more relatives. That part cost $99 and was well worth it.

Overall it's expensive though, and I couldn't really see keeping it up. I might rejoin someday. It's definitely worth it, even if you already have a good family tree. You will find so much more, so many people, so many stories."

- Mark K. 4/21/15

" has by far the most extensive collection of genealogical resources of any online site. Sure, you could probably get most of this information for free elsewhere, but how long would it take you? And it's so easy to add information to a family tree and always have it available online. I also like that I can share the information I find with others, and incorporate information that others have shared. I appreciate the advantages of having a genealogical community to work with, and I've also connected with several distant relatives, which is a lot of fun! The feeling that sometimes comes with finding a handwritten document pertaining to an ancestor, imparting new understanding of who that person was and what they experienced, is priceless. --K Wilson"

- Kim Wilson 4/20/15

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