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Started in 2012, Tradesy is an online clothing retail site that allows users to list their own products for sale, such as clothing, shoes, bags, wedding, accessories designers and more. Today, Tradesy serves millions of the world’s coolest customers, has secured backing from iconic investors like Richard Branson and John Doerr, and has been covered by Good Morning America, The Today Show, The New York Times, TIME, USA Today, and more.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I purchased a custom cut Coach belt from Tradesy. I received undoubtedly the MOST AMAZING service I have ever received from online shopping, and even in-store shopping! Not only was my order processed promptly, I received updates frequently on the status of my order. I had a question about something, emailed them, they responded within 12 hours and completely answered my question. Their processing and shipping time is INCREDIBLE, and I'm LOVING my new belt! The quality is just as promised and I would without a doubt, recommend Tradesy to anyone and everyone! I will MOST DEFINITELY be shopping with them soon!! Tradesy is by far the best!!!"

- Mary 8/20/15

"I sold a Tiffany keychain and promptly mailed the item to the buyer.Apparently the buyer did not know Tiffany products (or simply changed their mind - sellers never know what the truth is) and returned my item.

At this point my item has now been off the market for 2 weeks and I'm not happy about it. Then Tradsey tells me that my keychain is not a real Tiffany product - EXCUSE ME - I was in the Tiffany store with my husband when he bought this for me.

I will NEVER do business with Tradsey - their policies are terrible and once you send your item to a buyer, you are risking they will change their mind AND you might not even get your original item back.

I've read many uphappy customer reviews who have said they didn't get back the same items that they send.BAD BAD BAD EXPERIENCE - WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN."

- Lisa c. 8/14/15

"I have sold 10 items in the past 3 weeks right out of my closet and I have purchased 1 awesome pocketbook. This company is an awesome concept! They are organized,professional,available for any questions and concerns.The exposure to designer items at great discounts is like no other company. They protect both buyer and seller....I just can't say enough...Tradesy ROCKs!!!"

- Peggy L. 7/19/15

"I LOVE Tradesy. I always feel confident in purchasing designer bags, clothes, jewelry and SHOES knowing Tradesy has my back with their guarantee of authenticity. Those other shopping sites make me nervous and basically tell you, buyer beware! I am more apt to push that purchase button because of the free shipping. There is nothing like free shipping! "

- leslie_huntsman 7/6/15

"I have purchased many items from Tradesy. The only issue is that sellers have 7 days to ship your item, so It takes a while sometimes to get what you bought. I am also a seller and try to send things within 1 business day. The downside to selling is that you have to wait for the buyer to "accept" your item before you can receive your funds. Up sides are that seller and buyer protection. Items guaranteed authentic or your money back. It makes selling and buying easy."

- Amber 7/2/15

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