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Founded in 1990 in Bolingbrook, Illinois, ULTA Beauty is the largest chain of beauty superstores that provides one-stop shopping for prestige, mass and salon products and salon services in the United States. It provides affordable indulgence to its customers by combining unmatched product breadth, value and convenience with the distinctive environment and experience of a specialty retailer. ULTA Beauty, through its stores and ulta.com, offers a unique combination of over 20,000 prestige and mass beauty products across the categories of cosmetics, fragrance, haircare, skincare, bath and body products and salon styling tools, as well as salon haircare products. ULTA Beauty also offers a full-service salon in all of its stores.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I was shocked to hear about the reviews of this store! The store that I go to is in Northville Michigan. It's a higher end area of Michigan, but everyone who works there is SO nice. They're helpful, they're funny and fun. Every woman who works there is gorgeous too! I like that they have reps from the different companies there to help too.
And their CLEARANCE!! OH! their clearance. Just..take all my money.
I've easily spent $900 in the past year there since the've expanded their clearance and gotten wonderful deals.
It all depends on where you live I suppose."

- Withinnightescence 8/17/14

"I went in for a simple highlight/low-light. I am a natural dishwater blonde...my stylist was very unprofessional and after 3hrs and three separate attempts for her to get the color right, I walked out of there with orange and brassy hair. The total cost of the botched procedure was $160. Over the course of 2 days I received numerous comments about how jacked up my hair looked...I mean even the lady that does my nails pointed it out!!

I ended up having to go to another, more expensive salon to get it fixed (it took them another 3 hours and $190, by the way).

All in all it was a terrible experience. Two of the stylists in there were having a knock out drag out argument the entire time. So unprofessional!! Get it together ladies!!

Do not go here."

- Jessica C. 8/16/14

"Man, after reading some of these reviews, I'm just puzzled. But to be completely honest, it really all does depend on location and the people you get. My Ulta, in Colorado Springs, CO, is amazing. People there are never too pushy, nor do they ever ignore you. When I was looking confused and puzzled about something, a girl came up to me and simply said if I needed any help, I said "No thank you" and she walked away. After 5 minutes of trying to figure it out myself, I gave up and went up to the same girl and she smiled at me and jokingly said "See, I knew you would need my help!" and she was super super helpful. Every single girl I have talked to there has been awesome. Another day I wanted to try something and had done some research but I still wasn't sure what would work best for me, so I walked up to one of the girls who just happen to be around the Urban Decay section, and asked her. Though it seemed like her main focus was Urban Decay, she walked me over to the drugstore section and actually recommended a few things, and even told me not to get a certain products I was looking at due to my skin tone being too pale, she recommended getting a different product instead, which just so happened to be cheaper!

Every single item I'm looking for (except new stuff, sometimes those go flying off the shelves!) is always there. They keep the whole place clean and tidy, and all the girls there working are knowledgeable. I never leave with something I dislike, and I am always able to return it, even if I opened it and used it.

I can't say I have ever had issues with the rewards point system. Nor have I ever had issues with the coupons not being taken (I never buy anything but drugstore though, because I just can't afford it, even with coupons and deals, etc.).

TL;DR: I really like my Ulta, I never have issues there, and I am always treated nicely and not like a thief. Store is always clean, friendly staff, and stocked reasonably."

- Yvonneay 7/17/14

"Overall good experience. They had every product I wanted to purchase. Will try the salon next time."

- Shenna J. 6/27/14

"So this is my second online purchase from Ulta, I must say this company has one of the SLOWEST shipping ever! It takes nearly 2 weeks to get to you, Then on top of everything they have a jacked up shipping method...They use Ups but some how both my orders ended up being delivered through Usps United states postal service? ? Real confusing why not just have Ups to drop it off directly? ? Oh and I noticed Ulta only post Butt kissing reviews! They won't post the tactful, honest reviews just wanted to put that out there...I'm a Sephora girl overall they only time I'll s shop from ulta again is if no other store and I do mean nooooo other store has what I'm looking for"

- FaceIsBeatHunny 6/17/14

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