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Urbanog.com headquarter is based in Chino in Southern California, Urbanog.com is an internet based fashion store that started with the vision of providing the latest fashion footwear, competitive prices, and superb customer service since 2005. With the company rapid growth and large customer demand for new items, Urbanog.com soon after introduced unique apparel lines as well as swimwear, costumes, handbags, and fashion accessories.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I noticed a lot of negative reviews about urbanog but honestly it is one of my favourite sites. I've ordered multiple times and my orders have always arrived early with no problems. The quality of the items is also pretty good. I had ordered a pair of platform wedges during one of their deal-of-the-day sales and I was surprised at how long it has lasted based on the price I paid. I've had it for almost a year now and it still looks like new. I could say the same for most of the other items that I ordered from here. The only negative thing I can say is that the sweaters tend to be thinner than depicted but beyond that I think it's a great site. I'm very happy with this site and I will continue ordering from here and recommending them."

- Angelica J. 6/2/15

"I am a huge online shopper since I live in a town with no department other than a local Walmart. Urbanog.com is one of the first online stores I've shopped from and I have shopped from many. Since I live in Nevada, shipment time is phenomenal and the quality of shoes is what you pay for. On the other hand, I have bought from them and the quality be less than ideal, especially for what you pay for it but other than that, they are great! I've ordered from them many times so it is indeed legit."

- Jaynie H. 3/23/15

"I don't understand why there are more bad reviews than expected but my experience has been nothing but good! I've ordered from them four times. I had a slight issue with the first shipping but it was UPS fault, not necessarily Urbanog. I had to pick up my package from a UPS facility because I missed the delivery time and UPS had my package all beat up but the items were still in tact...once again, that's UPS fault since I pretty much know how their package handlers can be. URBANOG also notified me in writing on the packing receipt that one of my items was currently out of stock and refunded me my money. The other three times, everything went smoothly. I'm getting ready to place another order now...affordable, good quality and good customer service."

- William A. 12/25/14

"I ordered a pair of moccasin shoes on the 11th, and was very very scared because this was my first time ever ordering anything online. My order got processed on the 14th, and I got the shoes today around noon. They fit very true to size and are in very good condition! They look just as the picture presented them, I couldn't be happier. I've been wearing them since I opened the box. I will probably be ordering from this site again!"

- Virginia D. 7/17/14

"Seriously...these people are criminals!! After receiving a damaged product, I tried to contact them by phone about returning it as there are no instructions online. You could not get through to any person because when you would press the number for customer service it would just go back to the greeting. When you pressed another number to leave a message, it would state that the system was full. After one week of trying, I randomly pressed other extensions, when I FINALLY got a live person I was told to send a picture of the damaged product and a scan of the original receipt. After doing all of this...I was told that it had been more than 30 days and they would not even give me a credit, let alone give me my money back. I pushed back, and told them that it was less than 30 days since I received the product...they just said NO. Shipping times were really bad too and the products (that aren't damaged) are REALLY cheap!!! DO NOT EVER USE THIS WEBSITE...YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!"

- James D. 1/12/12

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