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VidFall Reviews

A team dedicated to making shopping affordable for the masses, VidFall is an daily deals website for goods, services, and travel, where prices fall because users are watching sponsored videos. Each time a user watches a video advertisement on VidFall website, they take the money advertisers pay to show that video and apply it towards discounting a retail item. Thus, decreasing the price you would pay if you wanted to buy it. But you aren’t on VidFall alone. In fact, a whole group of users are simultaneously watching videos with you, generating a huge discount.

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Real Customer Reviews

Katherine L. posted on 7/30/2014

"I usually don't post reviews, but Vidfall is a great site and they have a caring staff. I saved a lot of money on gift cards which is especially great since I'm a student. As others have stated below, I also received my purchases very quickly. It's definitely a site to check out if you want to save money."

Nicole D. posted on 8/20/2014

"I personally love this company. It's like quibids, but you get bids just for watching video advertisements! You can't lose any money doing it. I have purchased a few things on here (Walmart cards mostly) and delivery is always within 24 hours. Two thumbs up."

Bobby J. posted on 8/28/2014

"A great company. Fast shipping and their customer service is wonderful."

Floyd L. posted on 9/3/2014

"Though I'm spending too much money here lately, this is a cool site with no gimmicks -- unlike a lot of the penny auction sites it resembles. I just wish there were more things to buy! That said, it's easy to get Starbucks, Amazon, and other gift cards for 20% off or more, and they're very easy to apply, especially the Amazon gift cards. Just cut and paste. The service is punctual and polite, and I've had no problems at all -- except when someone grabs something when I wanted to drive the price down further. The ability to accumulate points for views and use them to save a little cash is particularly useful.

Tip for consumers: If you're going to use your points to push down the price, set up Express Checkout first -- or someone may take advantage of your lower price before you can. And learn to type your password fast!"

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