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Virgin Mobile Reviews

Virgin Mobile USA, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, offers customers control, flexibility and connectivity through no-contract unlimited wireless plans on the Nationwide Sprint Network. Virgin Mobile offers a selection of quality handsets ranging from entry-level to Android™-powered and iOS smartphones available at more than 40,000 retail stores throughout the country, including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, RadioShack and hundreds of convenience and electronics stores.

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lylesonbob. posted on 1/11/2012

"We have been Virgin Mobile customers (family of three) for over two years and have been largely satisfied with their products and service. Early problems with billing and unsolicited charges to our accounts were resolved with calls to their customer support people, always to our satisfaction. Since these early glitches, the cell phone service provided has been without fault. Coverage is good (Virgin Mobile runs on the Sprint network) and the monthly plan my son uses (mostly for unlimited texting) and the pay-as-you-go service used by my wife and me (for voice calls) are the most affordable around. For the widest available coverage at the best pricing, Virgin Mobile can't be beat."

A R. posted on 1/7/2013

"Virgin Mobile has saved me a lot of money over the years. They have flexible plans starting from $35 with unlimited data (internet) for Smartphones.

They made Smartphones with service affordable, without crazy contracts. Plus Virgin let's you change your mind, put service on hold, upgrade or simply stop service entirely for whatever reason, at any time and without incurring any fees.

Other companies lock you into long-term contracts.

Who wants to be tied down to their cellphone and service plan in this fast paced world of ever-changing and improving technology? Who says it HAS to be a year or more to get service?

I hardly need to call/email customer service. The few times I did, the customer service people spoke perfect English, hardy any accents. I don't know of any cell phone companies that don't outsource their customer service which offer flexible contract options. If you know one, please let me know.

I only have two issues:

A couple of the times traveling, my phone was useless even though I was told I should have had coverage. It was annoying but still wasn't a big issue to me and I didn't make a fuss about it but that might be important to you. It happened in New Hampshire, Hawaii, and even just upstate, Catskills, New York. However, my phone always have great local service unlike my friends' Verizon phones oddly enough.

The second issue is the email notification that my account will be billed in 3 days. I recently learned that they turn off service before then though, unless you've set up automatic payment. Therefore, either their email notification is 3 days late or they turn off service 3 days too early. Despite that, this is the best cell phone with data plan I know of."

dstephe9. posted on 11/23/2013

"Great Carrier. I have ordered 2 phones directly from Virgin and they have always shipped fast and arrived on time.. I also pay for my top-ups through their site. No Problems yet!! Coupon Code, well link will give new accounts a free $25.00 Top-Up!!! Must activate the offer at that site before you activate new account.

Make sure you check Virgins Coverage area. I think their coverage is amazing and have always loved their service.. It saves a lot of money"

Life D. posted on 1/21/2014

"My Samsung phone's screen broke and I called in for a replacement on June 3rd, 2013.
They gave me an order number, an RMA number to mail the phone back with and told me I would receive my replacement phone in 2-3 business days.

I called 3 days later to check on the shipping status of my phone and that's when the nightmare began.

To spare you the details of back and forth of endless calls, the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing, having to reexplain everything over and over again to every new person I spoke to and all the incompetence with the reps, they put me through 3 weeks of calling over and over again, and people continuing to tell me different stories, claims they've placed orders, which when checked on in the system, were never orders for my phone but someone else's or cancelled.

Just to show you how dysfunctional they are, it took them those 3 weeks to mail me my replacement phone because in their system, they have my exact same phone model labeled as both a "Replacement phone" package and a "New Phone" package, but it's the EXACT SAME PHONE. Same box and everything!

It finally took one genius saying, "Hey, I'll just mail you out a New Phone instead of a Replacement Phone" for me to finally get it 2 days later.

The service is decent and the pricing is cheap, so that's why they get 2 stars instead of one, but I must say that globalization of customer service overseas has turned the experience into a kind of root canal for anyone with a problem that needs resolution."

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