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Vitacost is is an American e-commerce company that sells healthy products including vitamins, supplements, health foods, sports nutrition products, bath & beauty favorites, even home and pet products. carries over 45,000 different healthy products which come from more than 2,500 leading brands, including high-quality Vitacost brand products. Great prices, selection, shipping, service – shopping at is the smart thing to do!

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Real Customer Reviews

"I love Vitacost. The selection of their products are great, prices are always cheaper than any other places (I always compare with other websites and Vitacost bits all) and the delivery is so awesome. Is US, the delivery is usually takes 7 days to come unless its close to my place. However, Vitacost offers free shipping in the US if you purchase over $49 and the products are right there in 1 to 2 days. I buy natural household products, beauty products, essential oils, supplements and etc. from them. Vitacost is the best!!!"

reginasong63 1/26/15

"Vitacost sent me an item different than the one I ordered. I have so far been on the phone for 53 minutes with customer service. At the website, I tried to do "live chat". It doesn't work. The website takes you around in circles. I click on 'select order', it takes me to 'return' , click on return, it takes me back to 'select order'. Meanwhile the voice on the phone is telling me at the website, service central, I can request a replacement. Wow. I just got picked up by customer service. Only 53 minutes!"

ellen 1/17/15

"I have been ordering from this company for many years!! They have the best PRICES, and quality vitamins. You can find almost any vitamin other stores offer. Free shipping if you spend at least $50.00. Shipping is always fast too. I highly recommend Vitacost!!"

- Dona H. 1/14/15

"I've placed several orders through Vitacost and have referred family and friends. I didn't experience any issues with shipping delays (most orders come on the third day), products being "bad", or incorrect or missing items. This last shipment, I did not receive an item and two of the items were leaking. I stated I merely wanted a replacement for the missing item, but I wasn't terribly concerned with the leaking items (the tape they place over the lids and caps usually stops the problem). Within just a couple of hours overall for two e-mails, I had replacements for all three items preparing to be shipped.

I am also someone who writes reviews for every single item I purchase so not "all" of the reviews are fake. :)

Their products are much cheaper than what I'm able to find on Amazon most of the time, plus their selection is much greater. Not to mention, it's hard to pass up $10 for you and a friend each time you refer someone. I appreciate their speedy customer service and will continue to shop Vitacost."

Lauren H.8/13/14

"I love this product. Its great to use for baking because you do not have to open a whole jar. Is good for snacking for one or two without opening a large jar. I add cinnamon and a bit of sweetener. Stir and wait a few minutes...delicious. Its always fresh. Mo left overs to waste and its organic! Best in every way. Oh...i find it a little tart which is another plus especially for baking."

- Dianaru 4/3/14

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