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Opened the first store in 1977, Vitamin Shoppe is is an American, New Jersey-based, retailer of nutritional supplements that sells Vitamins & supplements, sports & fitness, food & drink, protein and more products. It is committed to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. The Vitamin Shoppe has over 700 stores throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada which provides a fulfilling customer experience to each person who shops in store.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Best customer service, real friendly service by manager Ryan, the second I walk in to the store he greeds me and every one else with a great smile????
Ryan/manager is very knolageble he knows the store real well where every product is and what is more important the content the ingredients of every product in the vitamin shop & what are they for.
The store is clean, organize, well illuminate. "

- Danielocalderon 1/27/15

"The site was unresponsive to sending an email to reset password as they said the would. I received an email regarding a sale. The item was only to be on sale till midnight of that day that I read the email. It was only for online purchase. I was not able to log in to make the purchase without my password. I received an automated reply that someone would be respond within 24 hours. That automated response came through and a response to reset the password should have also. I was pretty upset because the sale item was 50% off and I was not able to order it."

- Kelly 12/28/14

"For many years I have been ordering from this website and have always been happy. Never had a problem and recommend this site for vitamins of all kinds.

The only problem is that they don't have everything I need, which I can't really "fault" them for it, just saying that they could offer more items."

- Millie B. 8/17/14

"The package was crushed a bit during shipping and the gel caped vitamins are stuck together for the heat on the truck, but otherwise everything was great. Great selection, great pricing, free shipping and the package arrived in a couple days."

- travjenkins80 7/6/14

"Been buying my vitamins here for a few months. Prices are good and shipping is very quick. They always have everything I need. Very satisfied. These guys are great!!"

- John Sampras 6/23/13

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