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Vitamin World Reviews

Vitamin World is based in the U.S., but they comb the earth for the most unique ingredients, which is a process they’re very picky about. Once Vitamin World is satisfied with the source of the ingredients, they meticulously cultivate them. Then, they bring these treasures to manufacturing facilities, to create and produce premium supplements. This is how Vitamin World is able to guarantee that every product is rigorously tested, and meets sky-high expectations.

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Real Customer Reviews

sharlad. posted on 4/18/2013

"Lots of choises kind of overwhelming, with help of the good sales person-Mary found what I came in for She was very knowledgeable and efficient. The prices even with a sale deal were still high though. "

B. T. posted on 8/29/2013

"I like this place. I have been to many vitamin shops (GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc...) and the people there just recommend the most expensive stuff there and don't know anything about pre-workouts or BCAA amino acids. However, the people working at Vitamin World are totally the opposite. They always remember me by name and ask how the pre-workout I bought is working or if I need to buy anymore multi vitamins and they actually know what products to recommend. They also go out of their way and check if there are any specials going on (if I spend an extra $10 I'll get 20% off... things like that). You get a lot of perks when you sign up for the membership too.

So yeah... Vitamin World beats GNC. Just sayin."

Jenny. posted on 1/10/2014

"I have a Masters Degree and credits toward a PhD and have taught nutrition to high school students. But the reason I buy all my health products from Vitamin World in Eau Claire, Oakwood Mall in WI is because of the knowledge of the head person that waits on me...Her name is Ellie and she is the most helpful person, explains the products, helps me with the products that I need personally, is so pleasant. I have the greatest respect for her and because of her would not go anywhere else for my health products...I hope you know how valuable she is to the store and your company. Thank you Ellie from Kitty Puchalla of Whitehall, WI 54773"

Karen R. posted on 3/23/2014

"Came here right after GNC to compare prices & the experience was COMPLETELY different! Prices here are very reasonable and the membership is free! Unlike GNC they hike up their prices to where you have no choice but to pay the expensive price, or pay for their membership.

Eddie was very helpful! I went with my boyfriend for pre & post workout supplements. Eddie definitely knew his stuff, and was very knowledgable about his products! There was a buy 2 get 1 free deal going on, which was perfect! We left with one preworkout, 2 protein powders & he threw in a blender bottle for 1 cent. All that stuff totaled up to be less than the amount we would've spent on just one preworkout at GNC.... Couldn't be any better.

Will definitely come back when we run out!"

Hanadelic. posted on 4/7/2014

"Very satisfied with price of products,also with associate Jacqueline she was very nice and helped me find products what I need it told me about special product on sale,,,"

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