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Founded in 1901, Walgreens is more than just a drugstore – it’s an American institution. As a chain of drugstores in the U.S., the company specializes in offering the most convenient access to consumer goods and services, including pharmaceutical and beauty products, services in photo, as well as health and wellness services.
Today, you’ll find Walgreens tore locations in most cities across the country, and you can still find Walgreens brand drugs at lower prices than other brand name drugs. In addition to the thousands of locations across the US, their website is now available so people can fill prescriptions and buy personal care and health care items online.
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Real Customer Reviews

"Amazing dilevery! Within 3 days. I relieved the product."

- Rosi F. 11/13/14

"On10/21/14 i went to walgreen at Rock Springs rd Apopka Fla , to fill my percription that Wellcare had called them about , i was toldit would take 24 to 72 hour , on 10/22/14 they called me and said they would not fill it that they had called my Doctor and he had told them not to. I then called my Doctor and spoke with him ,he told me no one from Walgreens had called him ,so he called Walgreens himself. He then called me back and told me that the pharmicist used foul language at him and told him she was red flagging me from all Walgreens. I then called Corperate and spoke to a Superviser who did not care.

As of today i contacted Wellcare and filled a complaint to have Walgreens removed from their Preffered list , i would advise anyone who's had simular problems to do the same."

- Florinda 10/23/14

"New Walgreens in Grants, New Mexico is GREAT - courteous, knowledgeable staff; clean, well stocked, and easy to navigate; a welcome addition to our small town! I have not used Walgreens on line, and was surprised to read all of the negative reviews - good to know. "

- MAIr3la-d 9/17/14

"Found this site because another merchant asked me to review them, and thought that while I was here, I'd put in a good word for my local Walgreens store at 7th St and McDowell in Phoenix. The employees are very nice, always helpful, and by shopping the sales and clearance shelves, I get really good deals. I noticed that Walgreens overall rating is really low, so I looked at the other reviews to see if I was missing something. First of all, most of the other reviews are either for their pharmacies or their website, which all seem to be connected in name only. Secondly, there are only 56 reviews from 2004 to now.

Walgreens has stores all over the country, with at least 20 in Phoenix alone, so over the last 10 years, they've had billions or trillions of transactions. When so many reviews are bad, it makes you wonder, but 56 is like a spit in the ocean. Such a small sample makes the data strictly anecdotal, and statistically meaningless. "

- andyaz50 9/4/14

"I use this site often and have no bad things to say about it! I love the following: 1) great deals on everything all the time--especially beauty products, 2) minimum for free shipping is $25--pretty low in comparison to other sites, 3) reliable shipping. I have never had a problem. This has become my go-to site for my beauty needs."

- Gina S. 4/5/14

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