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WeatherTech is an industry leader, which specializes in offering products to protect your vehicle, inside and out, keeping your vehicles in good condition. It is the company where you can find innovative products to protect your investments.

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Real Customer Reviews

M A. posted on 1/11/2015

"Nice,clean and very friendly customer service.Product worth every penny.. Also, complimentary coffee and other great hot beverages"

atkinsonbk. posted on 3/5/2015

"I ordered 2 sets of the product for 2 different cars. I received one order and it didn't even come close to fitting either vehicle. Multiple attempts to contact them via email were unanswered. I tried to call but the wait time was atrocious and I wasn't going to hang on the phone for a couple of hours. My total bill was $517 so I disputed it with my credit card company. After the dispute, I did receive a response to one of my emails saying the problem could have been resolved had I called or written!!!! They were successful in reversing the dispute so I am hopeful the $517 they screwed me out of is worth it to them."

Dean R. posted on 3/21/2015

"I tried to call with questions this morning but all three numbers I it rows lead me to a voicemail that was full. It's a good company they just need to get there phones working properly."

Dirk S. posted on 4/19/2015

"I go here because I live close and the product is outstanding. I get that there is a wait but I really there are few retailers that go out of there way to make it as painless as possible. The waiting area is comfortable, spacious and yes equipped with a free coffee bar and barista. C'mon man! There is also merchandise to browse as well as vintage motorcycles and tractors to wow at. I find it kinda of cool the way the way everyone is there for the same reason - take care of their car. People actually converse openly with strangers here and even open the doors for one another.

Lastly, a special thanks to Phillip. He saw us struggling mightily with window visor insertion - not the products fault mind you. Less than five minutes with Phillip and we were done with all four windows.
But the most amazing part of our interaction is that Phillip helped us without asking, all the time smiling and engaged in conversation with my wife and I. Outstanding!!!!"

Kay K. posted on 4/22/2015

"This place definitely exceeded my expectations, considering I don't have the least bit of interest in floor mats...nor do I enjoy going to auto shops, as I typically feel preyed on by men who tend to take advantage of my lack of knowledge of cars. However, when I was having problems with my mat fittings, I was so pleasantly surprised to have Nicky help me! She was extremely knowledgable and immediately came out to my car to address my concerns. Within minutes, Nicky had brought out a brand new set of mats & even installed them for me while giving me some tips on adjusting the mats for the best fit! So, not only was my problem addressed, but I was also given a completely new set of mats! And I never once felt uncomfortable or taken advantage of! I will definitely recommend WeatherTech to all my friends! GREAT customer service - Nicky is truly an asset to your company!"

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