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WenHaircare ia an online store that offers hair care products for men and women. It is a new and different type of hair care where you get five products in one and enjoy clean, beautiful and manageable hair. There are two different hair care sets to choose from, basic and deluxe, then you choose your free gift , finally you choose the fragrance you want.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I have been using these products for over a year and I am hooked! I have fine hair and I live in Colorado, so with the dryness it is usually flat and frizzy. With Wen, my hair has body and a natural wave I never knew it had. My hair is also longer than it has been for over 25 years and I don't have any split ends. A couple times, when I was traveling I had to use regular shampoo and after only one wash it was limp and lifeless again. This is the best stuff I have ever used on my hair!"

- muse 7/23/15

"i did'nt order direct from Co. But I have been using it for 2 yrs, every day with other non wen hair products, although since starting the wen I do not have a need for a lot of hair product anymore, my hair has Never looked better! I stared a new stylist 4 mo ago and she said she took s pic of my cut & posted it, women called wanting my cut she had to tell th unfortunately they wouldn't look like me because barley anyone had as healthy hair as me. I've colored my hair for 23 yrs. give WEN a try make sure I work it into ur scalp, I'm not willing to believe it only works for me."

- Jennifer B. 7/13/15

"Lucky for me, I didn't lose any hair but it did make my hair break off. It was also oily and nasty. You might as well just only use conditioner and wait for your hair to get dirty. Save your money. If you don't write a check for the initial trial, they will take it out of your account for months."

- tanya 7/4/15

"I was so eager to try WEN as my hair is super fine, limp and not very thick. WEN made it look so flat, didn't give it any body and everyone at my office was like, "What happened to your hair?" When I told them I used WEN, several people said that they have heard it was not good for fine hair. I lowered the pump dosage and it still didn't do it. It looked like my hair was completely over conditioned.
They really need to advertise women with fine hair shouldn't use the product in their commercials."

- Carla 7/3/15

"You give 1 star for your review because of the company practices? This review is for the product! I'm reading all these bad reviews that have absolutely nothing to do with the product. Why not give it a legitimate review and tell people to buy elsewhere? Maybe buying from the company is a scam, but does that make the product 1 star? Tell me about the product."

- Jason M. 3/1/15

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