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West Marine Reviews

West Marine is the supplier of boating-related products and services. They are committed to providing the best possible customer experience, so that each and every Customer regards them as an outstanding company and rewards them with their business.

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chuck r. posted on 10/3/2012

"Great store. Huge selection and I have always gotten excellent service. If you can't find it or don't know what you are looking for they will help. Don't be shy, just ask. It has always worked for me. I'm so glad this store is there."

CT P. posted on 7/29/2013

"A lot of people complain that West Marine is expensive, and that may be true, BUT when you're working on your motor on a Sunday afternoon in the marina, and you live some 100 miles from your vessel AND you call the desk here - not only are they open, but the fella said, "We might have that part, and if we don't we'll order it for you."

So after tearing into the motor and finding a small broken plastic idle part on the carb., I was stoked when the guy not only offered to order it for me on Sunday, but pointed me out to a few other marine shops in Oakland that might have it. Sometimes, it's not always about saving a dime, it's about getting the job done, and with good customer service. I'll be back for sure. For the record, I am a new boat owner and really enjoy walking around West Marine and just window shopping - it makes me feel good."

jamcginnis. posted on 12/24/2013

"I bought a Garmin StreetPilot i2 on December 18 after finding that West Marine had by far the best price. Although their web site said it was in stock, it was back ordered by the next day. I then called a CSR who was very helpful and frank about their inventory.

A day or two later they did get more stock in and sent out my order in time for Christmas delivery, and upgrading my original ground shipping to next day to do it. A very nice introduction for me to this company."

John S. posted on 3/6/2014

"Its boating season soon and my boat needed a speaker upgrade for the stereo system. Roswell is the official speaker of Supra boats. So I was looking for the best deal online. Amazingly West Marine had the best price on a new set of high output Roswell speakers. I must say I was surprised because I didn't expect to find much selection at Westmarine since they are mostly for boat parts. Especially when I go into the store. They came through for me online and I even got a 5% coupon. They have a wider selection online and they shipped to my door"

Chas F. posted on 9/24/2014

"West Marine is a big box store and for a big box store they are pretty good. I am surprised about some of the bad reviews. I am a regular customer, sometimes there two times a day so I feel like I am a pretty good judge of this business as opposed to some guy who drove from El Cajon and was upset because they didn't have something that he figured they should have (and then also went on and on about the traffic problems)

There are some really good people working at this store. The cashiers are always super friendly. The rigging people In the back are great. The people at the special order desk are really good also. It is almost never hard to find someone to help that's what you want.

Everyone has a bad day sometimes. Stores run out of product sometimes. A rating on a business like this should be based on a few shopping experiences."

Kevin E. posted on 11/17/2014

"Another good West Marine store. The prices are a little on the high side, but they have great sales. Plus, when you need something right away, they are there. Also the people who work there are terrific."

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