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Alex and Ani Reviews is all about positive energy, where you can find charm bangles, necklaces, hoop earrings, and vintage-style bracelets to adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit. The company is one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in America, where you can find positive energy, beauty, and eco-friendly fashion, like designer jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hoops and many more.

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Real Customer Reviews

Sarah C. posted on 8/28/2013

"I like this Alex and Ani shop. The girls working there have always been helpful. I do tend to get sticker shock whenever I got in there, but honestly, Alex and Ani has made my gift giving to loved ones on birthdays 10 times easier. My friend and I went into this one and each got the same bracelet in different colors. It was her first time at the shop and she really liked it too."

Deirdre S. posted on 9/28/2013

"I had a good experience in the Wayland store. Good, not great. The young, seemingly inexperienced sales staff were kind of all over the place. But I'm more of the type to wander around, look, touch, make my choices then approach someone for assistance. This location has a massive selection too.

I love the bracelets. Yes, I know it isn't fine jewelry. It's "fashion jewelry" at a price point higher then one may expect but no more expensive then what you'd find in the accessories section of Nordstrom or even Ann Taylor. I've never had an issue with the quality or workmanship and I must own at least 20 pieces. I also love the fact that they're made right here in RI."

Alexandra F. posted on 11/5/2014

"Ive had fantastic luck with this site. Ive bought from them twice. It takes a few days for the package to be "dispatched" but once sent it comes very quickly despite coming from england. I have always recieved my orders in complete (and always order many items at a time!). I have never tried to contact customer service (but then again never needed to) nor have i tried to return anything. Only good interactions."

Anna W. posted on 12/22/2014

"I was a little uncertain about purchasing a gift through Alex and Alexa because of reading a number of negative reviews. However, they were incredibly quick at posting out my item, which was beautifully packaged. The price was very reasonable and the item I purchased was out of stock on other sites so I am very pleased with the overall service and would definitely shop with them again."

Vi B. posted on 1/22/2015

“Update. I have the fantastic shoes. Wishing you the same luck.
I am waiting for an exchange and after exchanged 28 emails between different people, I received some emails telling me my order is on its way but 3 different Customer Update Ref, 3 different order number and strangely only 1 track number which isn’t recognised by Royal Mail. I really ask myself if AlexandAlexa has a hell of nerve and they give the same tracking number to everyone. What a pity ! They were absolutely ok when I passed my first order, 3 days after the shoes were there exactly what I was expected but unfortunately too big. Incomprehensible behaviour !!"

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