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All About Dance Reviews

All About Dance is a retailer that specializes in a variety of products, which mainly consists of trendy and affordable dance wear, dance shoes, dance accessories and more handpicked by dance professionals for kids.

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Tara S. posted on 1/4/2012

"Love the Cardio Hip-Hop and the Cardio Strip classes. You can always just 'drop in' and they have great instructors (fave being Jacqueline).

They are extremely high-paced, fun, and you burn a good 600 calories on average (I've worn a monitor).

My only complaint is that it seems a bit cliquey. It sounds silly, but there's a feeling of being categorized as a 'dancer' and a 'non dancer.' There are regulars who attend every single class, and then people like me who do just drop-ins. Would be nice to see more of a welcoming atmosphere for people who aren't a part of the company and just want to drop in once-a-week."

Michelle M. posted on 1/25/2013

"I love All About dance! I started going to AAD about a year ago with a friend. I paid $8 for a first time class, then I paid for $18 single drop in class, now I just buy 10 class passes. I go approximately once a week to cardio dance class. I think the hip hop class is harder, but I will get there some day. Its a great work out, its so much, I love the instructors. They also have a free parking lot. I mostly try to work out in my neighborhood, or at the gym I already pay for, but I love AAD so much that it is worth the 10 minute drive. It literally makes my week every week. It probably helps to have a little bit of a dance background, but I am not the best dancer by far. I just go for the great workout and the fun!

My friend and I are known to show off our dance routines that we learn each week at smart bar or the L platform whenever possible...cheesy, I know."

Denise S. posted on 4/23/2013

"I never even stepped in the door. I paid $18 online for a class that I had to cancel but according to All About Dance, I never cancelled it. I thought I did... they say I didn't and that they're sorry they can't honor it. A good customer service company would have gone forward and honored it... being that I clearly paid and it was never used. I'm sure the workouts are awesome but I will find another spot to get my dance on!!"

Stephanie L. posted on 2/20/2014

"This place is great! I have taken multiple hip hop cardio and cardio dance classes. Each instructor is a bit different, some better choreography than others - but all still fun and a great workout!!! Don't be fooled - these classes will have you sore and tired by the end! A fun, great way to pass the hour. The only thing I would change is less warm up(because warm up consists of planks, tri cep dips and push ups) - I came here to dance not to do stuff I could do at the gym. Also - instructors - does there always have to be a part of the routine that includes awkward get on the floor parts!? I really don't want to do push ups in the middle of my dance routine."

Catherine S. posted on 3/10/2014

"As a former dancer this place has been on my list to check out for years. I finally stopped in a few weeks ago and took the weds night Cardio Dance class, taught by Pam, and I've been going every week since! Don't be fooled by the fun choreography you will be tired and sore after this class, which is exactly what I need. The studio itself is nice, and the lady at the desk is always really friendly. As someone who grew up in a studio I feel right at home here. While I haven't ventured into any of the other classes yet, I'm sure I will some day. For sure worth checking out the Cardio class with Pam, it won't disappoint!"

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