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JCPenney is one of America’s leading retailers, which offers all of the apparel and home goods you’ve come to expect with 1,020 stores operating in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. You can find women’s, men’s, baby and kid’s clothing, accessories, home décor, furniture and more exceptional products from recognizable brands including Sephora, Emeril, Liz Claiborne and more.  It is dedicated to fitting the diversity of America with unparalleled style, quality and value.

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"personally i like shopping at outlet malls, pep boys, sack's 5th, ebay, overstock and tradsey. ill say this tho, for collane or perfume sephoria is an exelent shop, for both men and women! where JC Penney contracts that department, they also do so for other specific lineup. suchas, i been looking for shorts one year, and i couldnt quit find what i was looking for in feel and comfort. at JC Penney, there it was, Vans Refurbish Antique line of shorts, pretty much penline polo dress pants thats trimed and tailored into shorts. even bigger supprise, these shorts were not at the vans distributors, or even the retail outlet, but at JC Penney alone. My Bed Headboard custom made by catalog order, was out of date, JC Penney reopened the contract with the crafter just to fullfill the order. Also again, i have not been able to find a suede half sleigh moderen headboad threw any other furniture retailer. time and time again, JC Penney has rare items and goes beyond expected customer service satisfaction needs."

- Michael G. 4/24/15

"J. C. Penney refused to accept a check from me because of information provided by the fair credit act. So come to find out it was a false report from Check 'n Go Online that I had committed check fraud. I contacted Check 'n Go and they could not validate there being a debt to be paid. They took advice from a third party company that doesn't validate a debt. So in short, anyone can report you by just going online and putting your name in. I feel this is bad business to refuse to do business with you based on a false report."

- Brandon 4/12/15

"I do not understand all the negative reviews. I have been shopping JC Penney for years. I do not think you should let one small episode change your shopping at this store. I have always had great luck. I like their rewards system, only wish it was accumulative like other stores. I do not like that if you order and it ships the next month you loose your purchase points so you loose the 10.00 certificate. Being 2 pts away does discourage one from purchasing. I find the customer service excellent. Our local store is very well decorated and organized. I will shop again.. "

- vncd 2/28/15

"Went to JC Penny to exchange some pants in the men's department. Danial was helping me on the exchange. I went over to the Dockers section and another sales rep. Dylan asked if I needed help. The only time that I get two people asking me for help at a retail store is at Nordstroms. They were attentive to my customer needs and were great with their enthusiasm and sales skills. The manager Winnie was also helpful.

And to think I thought JC Penny was just about corporatism and the bottom line. Keep up the good work JC Penny!"

- Jack G. 12/1/14

"Jcpenney has always been my go to place for great prices on in style clothing. Lately I have also been shopping for my daughter there. They have the cutest styles with prices I can afford. Our most recent trip to our local Penney's store, the lady at the register let me daughter help her check out and was super friendly to both of us. JcPenney is a great place to shop!"

- K W 2/28/14

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