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Footaction is a national store that specializes in retail the latest fashions and hottest styles, where you can find brick and mortar and online consumers athletic footwear and apparel for young males that seek street-inspired athletic styles. Its 319 stores are located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico and focus on marquee footwear and branded apparel. The Footaction stores have an average of 2,900 selling square feet. FootAction is more than just athletic shoes–it’s street style, urban culture, a way of living and a way of looking. There are many top brands available such as Puma, Nike, Timberland, Roca Wear, Adidas and Converse as well.
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Real Customer Reviews

"We were in their Longview, TX store and the sales crew were phenominal. I was buying shoes for my very young granddaughters, one of whom liked the box the shoes came in and they started ribbing her about charging an additional $30. for the box. We were all cracking up as she was indignant and they just kept on. Too funny. It was our most pleasant mall shopping experience that day and Kevin needs a raise."

- wjolenerd 12/5/14

"Foot Action has some serious deals on shoes. They are my go-to for cheap sneakers."

- Will H. 6/28/14

"I purchased some exercise shoes from this site. They are very comfortable and fit well. I was able to get them for a very reasonable price. I would use this site again in the future."

- Charlotte S. 3/27/14

"Happy, friendly staff. I got new gel soles for my sneakers here and they lasted forever. Convenient location, helpful people. Great product selection."

- David D. 2/13/14

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