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Started in 1861, Bloomingdales is one of the largest upscale department stores in the United States and offers the latest trends in designer clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry and home furnishings for men, women and kids. Savvy shoppers can browse store exclusives for one-of-a-kind colors, prints and silhouettes at lower price points than other prestigious department stores. It has the latest designs from Alice + Olivia, Free People, Eileen Fisher, Shoshanna, Hunter and Tucker, among others. Whether you’re looking for well-cut dresses, sky-high stilettos, a statement-making tie or the perfect pair of boot-cut jeans, head to Bloomingdale’s to find exactly what you need.  Bloomingdales also offers a full range of services to meet your needs, including Size Charts, Personal Shoppers, Studio Services, and many more.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I've been to many Bloomingdale's before, but I was glad I was able to check out their flagship store. The inside was very much like an arcade of stores. It kind of took me aback at first, but I guess with so many tourists and shoppers running around, the traditional shopping mall with racks and racks of clothes does it really work with moving people around efficiently. At the same time, having the small boutiques within the larger store makes you feel like you're in a mall and not really at Bloomingdale's.
I will say, the window displays were kind of boring. Compared to to Bergdorf Goodman's, they didn't have any theme or pizzazz.
Ultimately, there were a lot of stores within Bloomingdale's, and it's definitely worth trying out and see what great merchandise they have."

- Jason G. 12/8/14

"worse ever! BEWARE!! don't order on line- they will tell you a price and send you an email with a higher price, call then and wait 30+ mins an then they say they can't canals. THEY suggested that when I place my order I need to call MY bank to see what I was charged. What an awful place to shop!!"

- rtriplett-281111 12/7/14

"They're only professional and nice when you're there to buy something.
I came to get a refund on a wallet I purchased because I saw a better one that was sold on their website but not in stores. Apparently their system said that I had purchased it with their store's Visa card. I have their Loyalist rewards card (for points) but it is NOT a credit card. I showed him the credit card that I had used to make the purchase right here in this store but the guy insisted that the only thing he could do for me was give me a gift card that will expire in a year. Then he went on to tell me that there are many Bloomingdale's locations around the world so a gift card would be perfect anyway.
One, your gift cards never expire (unless I read your website policy wrong). Two, I grew up in NYC and have been living here 20+ years... how did you come to the (inaccurate) conclusion that I was a tourist?
I was shocked and wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. So I went along with the gift card option since I was going to buy a different wallet from their website anyway. And clearly this guy had no idea what he was doing. No point in explaining anything to him.
Free returns, Bloomy's? Eek Methinks not."

- Jing X. 12/6/14

"I placed an order online using a promo code, which I received when registering an account. However, the order didn't go through because of a billing address problem. I wanted to replace the order but obviously I still want to receive the discount since I had that promo code. I tried the same promo code on their website but it said "unrecognizable". I assumed that the promo code is one time only so I called their customer service and thought I could get another promo code since my order didn't go through. However, she said she can't give me one. I don't understand what's the reasoning behind it because I know the promo code is a one time thing but I wasn't successfully using it! So should I not get another one to replace the old one? I bet all other stores can do it!"

- Claudia 11/27/14

You should go to me....
Perfection: the highest degree of excellence....yup yup excellentttt
I been to Bloomingdales about four times and each time i step inside it gets better and better...a big department store that has all the top brands /designers!!!
ok let me tell you they have good services...great stores....And awesome bathrooms.... And if you cant find a certain product in any of there stores they will go out of the way to make your wishes come true....what the awesome is that!!!
It's like paradise with alll the stores including....Gucci...Louis Vuitton....Prada....Chanel...agent provocateur ...Dior...jimmy choo..etc...lots lots more...this department store has eight you best believe this is a great place to shop!!! Don't just love fashion! Live it! (^_^.)"

- Abelle N. 11/12/14

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