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Victoria’s Secret Reviews – Which Reason Contributes You To Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie and was founded by Roy Raymond in 1977. They revolutionized the intimates industry and successfully expanded their franchise with fashionable apparel, sleepwear, shoes and accessories as well as exclusive beauty products and fragrances. On October 16, 2002, Victoria’s Secret announced the launch of Pink, a new lingerie line targeted to 15-to-22 year olds. The strategy driving Victoria’s Secret’s launch of Pink is to introduce the teenage girls to Victoria’s Secret stores. Pink sells underwear, sleepwear, loungewear, beauty products, and accessories, with the intent to transition buyers into more adult product lines, such as Angels, Very Sexy, and Body by Victoria.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I order from VS all the time. The quality of all products is excellent. I just wish their shipping was free."

- Katie L. 12/8/14

"Victoria Secret has disgusting and slimy advertising. I am trying to raise nice children, but hey, if we pass a Victoria Secret store in the mall, right there in front of us at 15 feet is a naked Victoria Secret ** with her hands on her boobs or crotch. I get anxiety and have to explain to my young children about the basically nude ** they just saw. There should be law against such inappropriate advertising. UGH."

- Mary 11/21

"I have ordered a fragrance from this online writing service but what I received is not the one I ordered. They charged same price from me but the fragrance I received is not that costly. I have contacted them for clearing the item change. First they are not agreed to return but after some arguments they asked me to return the item. It is never happened to me before."

- emily r. 11/11/14

"I spend entirely too much money here, but I just can't help myself. There's always coupons, specials, and free gifts... how can one resist!? The quality of their products are nothing short of impeccable. I have purchased thousands of things and have had one single issue with a bikini top I purchased. I called and just like that, I sent it in for a gift card. It had been months and I didn't have the receipt. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!"

- Krista J. 10/31

"I'm extremely disappointed in this company they overcharge for shipping. Most companies give free shipping to their credit card holders, but not Victoria Secret I am a angel card holder and I was charged 19.00 for shipping for items that couldn't weigh more than 2lbs. It will take 5 to 7 days to ship. It is very upsetting they don't offer at least a reasonable flat rate. They have promotions but they are full of loop holes. I could get free shipping if I purchased a bra which range from $30-$70. Also they had a promo if you spent a certain amount you would get $25-150 off loop hole you can't buy sale items... I feel duped and I will be cutting up my Angel card and telling anyone who will listen not to purchase from their company!"

- Mom2boys3022 10/19/14

"I've purchased from here a few times whenever there are sales or free shipping involved. You are allowed to use up to 3 promo codes, no more than this though. But whatever you see online is what you get which is nice. Cause sometimes colors are different online and in person, but what I've ordered so far, they've been spot on."

- Brittany S. 8/29/14

"I purchase the majority of my undergarments at Victoria Secret, they have a range of sizes that works well for me. I enjoy the benefits of being a card member and receive many coupons and incentives with my membership.

I enjoy the service that I receive in the store, although at times, it can be a bit overzealous. Although the store is generally large and well organized compared to other VS stores, at the time of this review, the store is under renovation and will be the largest store in this region. I miss the VSX line that they usually carry at this store, I can't wait for it to come back!"

- Theresa F. 8/9/14

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