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Established in 2000, Vistaprint empower more than 12 million micro businesses to create high-quality printed materials at low prices. The company serves as a professional and affordable option for small businesses and entrepreneurs, specializing in a range of printed products like business cards, brochures, stationery, promotional items and office accessories

In addition to standard printed materials, Vistaprint features marketing materials like banners, bumper stickers and gift certificates, marketing services such as email and postcard blasts and promotional items like mugs, t-shirts, hats and keychains.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I am writing this review to speak positively about Vista Print since most of the reviews I've read are very negative. I never take the time to share my experiences on ordering and purchasing items online, but I felt an obligation since the order not only arrived on time, but everything was as I expected, from t- shirts, to mugs, to calendars. If anything is to be said about the quality, it was solely based on the quality of my photos and not the company's printing job. So, I will definitely recommend this company to others and can only hope to see some changes in the reviews they get! And, no, VistaPrint did not ask me to write this review!"

- juliachartrand 12/16/14

"Vistaprint is a great place for everything I needed - I got my invites here, and even a poster in lieu of placecards. I was pleased with the features of my cards, very professional, and worth the money spent. There are always discount codes, so you'll save big with Vistaprint!"

- Elizabeth 12/3/14

"Whatever you very careful of the Free Trial Websites offer at the end of your order page- I had to have my credit card shut off and filed over five quantity of disputes. Plus, its all a ruse online when one tries to Cancel anything, whatever it was even unwanted add'l services. I was going to give VP the doubt's benefit and call on Monday to see what I was being charge assaulted with but after another '4.99' debit tolled at 2am I called my bank for the 2nd time. Its NOT A FREE 30 DAY trial at all. Biz Cards, marketing materials etc., fine, but don't assume you won't be charged after the second (or first day) as I was for something else that looks great and complimentary for a whole month. I think they're shipping and quality is great. But not the way their websites are offered and not fulfilled. Its a shame because I was very happy with the ease of the Shopping Cart feature. I can't risk having sneak charges."

- biztime 11/18/14

"I use vistaprint to order all the business cards for my coworkers. I've gotten rack cards and posters made. The site is easy to navigate and makes it easy to create whatever it is you're working on. All the business cards have come in in a reasonable amount of time, of course, I order with plenty of time instead of waiting til the last minute at christmas time like some of these yahoo's above me. I love vistaprint and will continue to use them for their service and quality. If the quality of the print of your product wasn't good, maybe your graphic wasn't good quality either. As for the price, I google coupon codes all the time and always manage to get my products at around half price. Do some research before you give bad reviews. :)"

- Sara F. 8/19/14

"I am a very frequent user of this company. I used it once and i was hooked!! All of their products are amazing I am never disappointed! I would recommend them to anyone needing invites, gifts, announcements, cellphone cases and ect."

- Monique N. 7/21/14

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