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Ralph Lauren Reviews

Ralph Lauren, an America’s fashion luxury lifestyle company, sells high-end apparel, perfume, children’s clothing, up-market, high-end luxury wear, fragrances, accessories, home decor and more. Each and every one of Ralph Lauren products comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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fe3836. posted on 1/5/2008

"Ordered a new item, but received one without tag. When I tried to return at their local store, I was told item without tag may be used item. When I tried to return to the online store, they didn't give full refund. Customer service is non-existent."

Lane F. posted on 12/29/2011

"Love, Love, Love...... the products and the customer service is diamond!!! The new returns policy leaves much to be desired, but customer service is still first rate. I have to say .com is better than the stores and the stores are pretty terrific all around. RL has the best items and best quality items, and you can feel good about your order being sent properly. Great sales..... I just love this site"

Cara S. posted on 5/9/2013

"Ralph Lauren has some of the most beautiful and well designed clothes. The site is easy to use, and they have great customer service."

Junah B. posted on 5/26/2014

"I like my blazer very much. It is a typical Ralph Lauren product. It doesn't wrinkle easily and feels great when I'm wearing it. I should have ordered one size larger though, this fits small."

Sytiria H. posted on 1/7/2015

"I have loved Ralph Lauren clothing for as long as I can remember. With that being said, the online customer service lacks the same quality as the clothes. Why does an exchange or refund take 12 BUSINESS DAYS??!! I shipped an item from Atlanta to North Carolina and was told that it coulb be 3 weeks before they process the exchange. When you spend over $300 for items, you dont expect to have to wait a month for an exchange to be processed! I was told they only receive items in bulk, in other words they wait for a large amount of items to come in before they will process any returns. That is unacceptable for a company of its caliber. The company doesn't wait 12 business days to take my money for a purchase, so why should it take 12 business days for me to get my money or my product!"

Josephine N. posted on 2/3/2015

"Tried to return a gift. Stated it was a gift and they sent the item back saying they couldn't find the order on my profile. That is some crappy customer service when I followed their instructions exactly. I hope I never receive a gift from this website again and I certainly would not buy anything from them."

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