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Alloy Apparel is a lifestyle apparel brand for juniors, which provides the latest styles of clothing, jeans, shoes, and accessories at affordable prices for teenagers and college-age women. Alloy is a top brand for people who are looking for amazing, low prices on the latest fashion crazes and trends of every season in one place. Featuring the latest in teen fashion, the company sells hip and versatile clothing for all the events in a young woman’s busy life.

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"Bought a coat from them. The one that I got ran a little small. I sent it back in the package with the return label that was included. About a week later, I received the coat in the size I requested. Fits great. Love the material and the cut, very flattering. I'd definitely buy from them again."

- Pamela C. 4/10/15

"I ordered stuff from Alloy without reading the reviews. Bad idea. On the site, it said if you placed an order before a certain time it would be shipped out that day. That was a lie. It took them 2 days to ship my order. They use slow UPS and my package arrival was scheduled for today. The only problem is, UPS handed my package off to the USPS yesterday. I call UPS, they say Alloy uses "Sure Post" and give me a tracking number for the USPS. WTF. I just want my stuff. It might seem minor, but I don't like companies that ship with UPS or FedEx and then make them switch the package over to the post office; that's how things get lost and it delays shipping time. It's Day 9 of their standard 7-10 business day shipping time. USPS doesn't have any tracking information for my package, other than they were notified they were going to get it. We'll see how long this takes. I'm not ordering from them again."

- Ann 2/3/15

"I've never had a problem with alloy. The quality of clothing & shipment time & customer service was great. I've been a customer for years & just places another order the other day & I just got a notification that its already been shipped"

- NikiNY 2/28/14

"Horrible company policy and customer service. I have been ordering with Alloy for years. However, after today I'm done with them. I exchanged two pairs of jeans that were damaged and defective for two different pairs of equal value. They did not apply the original discount and charged me extra. To make matters worst, when I called them no one was willing to help me. For the most part they have good product but when my patronage as a customer isn't valued I will no longer spend money with a company. I am highly disappointed Alloy!!!"

- Shaw B. 12/16/13

"I had to re-write this review- again!

Because honestly, as much as I wanted to dislike them, they shipped my order, didn't charge my card twice and actually sent my order ahead of time. I actually had a decent ordering experience with them, and the clothes, the shirts fit perfectly, and I am quite surprised despite all the complaints about the quality. For under 9 dollars a shirt the quality and colors are nice. Also when I did call their customer support, it did take like 3 times to get through, but it was thanksgiving weekend so I will accept that but they were completely friendly to me on the phone. I would order again from them. The stuff is nice. I'll have to be honest, when I went to order, and this was Nov 2012, the site actually does tell you before you place your order the date that something will be available.

My second online ordering experience, I just ordered the Coryne boots and some jeans, got 20 dollars off and they delivered a day ahead of schedule! It was a little sketchy because you couldn't track your order like usual, but they did send me a UPS tracking number a day later. The boots and jeans fit perfectly!"

- Katarina N. 11/25/12

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  1. Why is it not possible to give this company zero stars? I have been a loyal customer of Alloy’s for YEARS! Until this month (September 2015), I have had a seamless relationship with ordering from them online and getting the tall sizes in pants and jeans that I need. However, for some reason (bankruptcy, perhaps?), I cannot get them to do anything but charge my credit card. I placed an order with them on September 11th and a subsequent order on the 15th, and as of September 23rd, my orders are either still unshipped, my calls to customer service have gone either unanswered or in a couple of very fishy cases, “disconnected” (Yes, Leilani, why can’t you keep the phone attached to your ear and not on the hook?), or have been given bogus shipping information. I have called the post office where they claim UPS has transferred my package and the PO has NO record of ever receiving it. Attempts to get information from UPS have gone unheeded because of the type of service they used to do the transfer (UPS Sure Post). I’ve sent messages to their customer service center by email and continue receiving auto-botted responses in return, each saying the very same thing but with no resolution to my issue. My next step, completely bypassing the BBB because they are worthless, is reporting them to the NY State Attorney General for fraudulent credit card and business practices as I see that I’m not the only one having this issue and all of our complaints are coming from around the same time. This is why I suspect they have gone bankrupt and are using our funds to continue paying salaries and who knows what else. Either way, I’m due a refund for one set of items in the amount of $82.85 and another for $46.50 and they had BETTER NOT charge my credit card further! I have even gone to their Instagram site and told them there that, while they keep posting pictures of things we can’t have, they need to fix their system NOW and of course, those go unheeded as well. It’s pretty sad that I have used them for nearly 5-6 years and this is what the shopping experience with them has come to but I’ll be damned if I go without a refund or receiving my items from any company, even one I’ve had a good relationship with for years. This is the most unacceptable way to practice business and they should be ashamed and embarrassed that this is how they are taking advantage of their customers.

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