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ModCloth is an American online retailer specializing in vintage, vintage-inspired and indie clothing, accessories and decor. They sell items from numerous different brands, and every day they offer new products. In addition to original items, they sell single authentic vintage items from various eras past. In addition to clothing and decor sales, the Modcloth site has a blog that features contents, such as the Written Wardrobe, and various entries about fashion, cooking, crafting, and all things vintage-inspired. The Written Wardrobe section contains fiction prose, nonfiction, and poetry that were chosen among numerous entries from Modcloth fans.

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cpoff. posted on 11/30/2014

"I shop here at least every few months. Rarely have I been disappointed with the quality of the merchandise or the customer support. Usually they have a sale going every few months, and the reviews on each item are so extensive that I find it easy to avoid purchasing items that will likely disappoint, so I rarely have to return things. When I do, I find the process easy."

lunatunarox. posted 11/17/2014

"I'm really confused about the recent awful reviews of Modcloth on this website, because I've never had a bad experience with them! I've made ten orders with Modcloth over the past few years and I've never been dissatisfied with the service or the products. My clothes have ALWAYS arrived at least a day before the scheduled shipping time, my card has been charged right away, and my order has never processed for longer than two days. Yeah, the clothes are expensive, and the sizing isn't always spot-on, but I love modcloth."

Susan B. posted on 9/28/2014

"I have several pieces from ModCloth - I love the quality and style of all their designs and ordering and payment was sleek and smooth. Unfortunately, my Bank here in Malaysia has experienced a lot of Credit Card fraud with this Company and they have now blocked all transactions with ModCloth. I now need to get special authority each time I wish to make a purchase. This has certainly taken the fun out of online shopping for me. However, I will still follow this Company and their lovely selection of styles and dresses. The dresses are totally worth the hassle - it's just not as easy as it was before…."

Aerial A. posted on 3/31/2014

"I just received my order and I am so happy with my purchase. I did the $10 Mystery Deal for clothes and I got two dresses and a skirt. I got size S, M, and L. The size small doesn't fit me, but it fits my little sister. The dresses fit me though and one fits on my sister as well. I really love it. I spent less than $40 including shipping and tax. As for packaging their box is really cute and everything was nicely wrapped and in good condition. For customer service I had called them because I add trouble logging in to my account and they were very helpful. I was helped both online and by the phone. It is true though that when not on sale or having a special deal their clothes are quite costly, but they are beautiful."

S E. posted on 1/4/2014

"I'm addicted to Modcloth. Browsing their catalog just makes me feel so calm and happy. I feel like there's something for everyone there--some of the things they stock are SO CUTE and you can't really find them anywhere else. The downside is that they're pricey, especially for the sometimes iffy quality of their clothes, so I don't usually buy anything unless it's on sale. Also the colors in their photos aren't always accurate. But the site is perfectly designed to get you hooked! If I really want to treat myself, this is where I go to shop!"

Alicia D. posted on 12/6/2013

"I placed an order for a dress recently and recieced my package quickly from them. I could track it to make sure it wasn't lost in transit to Alaska. I love that they sent gift wrap along with a thank you. The sizing was a little vague but I went with my gut and fit a small still. I was also at a holiday party at work and complimented a dress that was also purchased on :)"

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