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zappos coupon codeWhy Shop at Zappos? What sets them apart from other online stores is their emphasis on providing free shipping BOTH ways on more than 1000 brands of apparel, shoes and accessories for women, men and children. They also take pride in their 24/7 friendly customer service, convenient shopping experience, reasonable 365-day return policy and quality and variety of products. Customers praise the company because of its large variety of goods at reasonable prices, like its endless options and discounted footwear of popular brand names and its endless Zappos coupon codes below for extra savings like free shipping, seasonal offers and sales.

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Real Customer Reviews:

"Yes, Zappos is amazing. I've ordered from them many times, they always deliver faster than they originally stated, returns are a breeze, selection is great and customer service is out of this world. If only all sites were like this!

Recently I ordered boots which ended up being too big so I exchanged them. Unfortunately I forgot to send back the old pair so they sent me another friendly email to ship them back, but still didn't charge my card! I was totally expecting that they would charge me twice and then refund when they got my boots. Anyway, I sent it back right away at that point, but thought this was very nice of them."

"I ordered a jacket for my daughter that was supposed to come with backpack straps. I know it's weird thing for a jacket to have but she just loves them. I searched far and wide and could not find one. Then I saw Zappos had it! Unfortunately when we received the jacket it did not have straps either. I used their on-line chat to see if maybe there was one on their website that had this feature. Unfortunately they don't make that style anymore. I have to say the costumer service we received was just great. The woman was very kind and immediately refunded our money even though we hadn't sent the jacket back yet. I can't remember if I had ever ordered from that site previously but I will now. Sometimes it's very difficult to find good customer service especially with on-line purchases!"

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"I mostly just buy tennis shoes on Zappos from brands I know that fit me well, since returning things from etailers is always a pain. But Zappos has a great selection and shipping is fast and friendly."

"I've got mixed feeling for ZAPPOS. As I saw in the rating chart, the business/level of satisfaction has dropped DRASTICALLY in the last few years & it's not hard to see why. Back in the beginning, the store was GREAT! When they first opened, back I'm guess 10 or so years ago, the ONLY store was located very close to my home & you could just go in & purchase. The website was SO small, the ONE sales clerk would ask a warehouse worker (of probably 5! That is how small they were!) to simply go & pull the item I wanted! The inventory was quite small, but what they had was good quality and prices were quite different; the were competitive! Unlike now, where they are right at the top of the hightest (priced) online WITH VERY FEW SALES. No sale specials now. Since the company has grown, they have generated 6 PM outlet, which is a reject of returns from Zappos. MANY defects if you go into the store. I've never ordered online, but the prices are much more reasonalbe. The 2 companies TRY to act as if they are TWO DIFFERENT COMPANIES, as thier policies are a bit different. Both good and bad differences. Since I live within 6 miles of the outlet/warehouse, it's no wonder that I place an order in the afternoon and it's on the front porch the next morning, provided UPS does not see it as a return & take it back to the warehouse. That happened last year. I waited about 3 days, tracking the package that showed it was delivered, then returned. I called it was immediately corrected. The original boot, the last pair of that size/color combo was re-shippped free of charge. Plus, a $50 gift card was issued for the error. Dealing with 6 PM, it takes over a week for merchandise to get 6 miles. Customer service at 6 PM sucks. ZAPPOS is GREAT compared to 6PM. Mixed feelings! Just wish the prices were more competitve, but trust me, they will not budge an inch!"

"I love, love, love Zappos. Free shipping and next day delivery are awesome . Returns are extremely simple and also free. I shop Zappos all the time. Also, they have a great sense of humor! Selection is huge and customer care can't be beat."

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"They don't even deserve a 1 star. I purchased boots from zappos & received them old, worn (dirty footprints inside boot) & broken. I obviously returned them & contacted customer service. Received an apology & they stated they would immediately refund my funds upon receiving the boots... THAT'S ALL?! So after speaking with them a second time, they gave me a $25 off coupon code. Although I had my doubts, I found another pair of shoes on their website. Attempted to use their code & IT WAS INVALID!!!!!! I'm so done with Never will they get my service & I always steer friends & family away from purchasing from their website. There are way too many competitors with quality service. What a disappointment. "

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