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From humble beginnings in 1998, has been through an incredible journey to navigate the wine shipping laws, earn the trust of thousands of wineries and create a customer experience they are proud of. Today they combine a million-bottle wine shop with the information, tools and expert advice you need to enjoy it. Add to that the best delivery service in the industry, satisfaction guaranteed, and you see why has been the number one online wine retailer by revenue for the last decade.


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samsmith. posted on 12/23/2014

"I do not recommend or its related company I signed up for a 30-day reduced cost shipping program they have and now want to cancel it before getting charged. Customer service is not helpful and the website makes it impossible to get written confirmation of cancellation. I suspect I'll have to close my credit card to prevent them from charging me. "

Jeff K. posted on 3/14/2013

"They have a pretty darn good selection, and everything is within the price range you're looking for. What I mean by that is, they have a solid inventory on all the major price ranges, $7-12, $13-18, $19-25, $25+. They have wines that are staples that you will recognize and know that they're great producers. In addition to that, they have some more unknown producers, which is always exciting.

Emily there was very helpful. After I explained what I'm looking for and explained my palate, she was able to guide me and understood their selection very well. She also was very kind and offered to set wines aside for me, if I planned on picking them up, especially since I am not a Berkeley local. That courtesy was very generous. Overall, it is certainly a place worth checking out if you're in the area."

Ethan Z. posted on 1/29/2013

"I stumbled upon the wine-dot-com retail-outlet store after checking out the Takara Sake tasting room up the street. Yeah, I'm a wino but at least I'm not a whiner!!!!

Anyway, I am not a big wine drinker but I am always on the lookout for bargains and I had never been to a wine outlet store so in I went. Inside a moderately large warehouse (I am guessing it was a 3,000sf store) there were rows of wine racks stacked with mid- to upper-grade wines. As one would expect the racks were logically arranged by varietal, region, 90+ rated wines, and the magical CLEARANCE AISLE! Hallelujah! I went hunting for bargains.

As I said, I am not a wine expert but will trust Robert Parker and I have a rough appreciation for the different varietals and appellations. After some searching I found the sole remaining bottle of Frog's Leap 2009 Napa Merlot and I also picked up a bottle of Reignac 2005 Bordeaux Superieur. Each bottle was $19.99. Not a steal, but darn good wines at really good prices.

While I was there several other customers popped in to pick up orders which they had placed online, so this is another option if you are a big wine drinker (i.e. a wino) and are in the area often.

Wine lovers will definitely find something to like in here. I am not sure it is worth the trip for wine novices like me, however. I did not find the staff to be very helpful or sympathetic and frankly I have had much better service from the wine staff at the Alamo Safeway (which has a fabulous wine aisle)!"

Nique F. posted on 9/19/2012

"Finally, I had an excuse to buy real, expensive, French champagne! But I still wanted to save a few bucks, just for the glory. I'd heard this place was a hidden warehouse of wine deals, but when I popped in for some discount bubbly I discovered it was just like any normal wine shop, prices and all. No discount tags, no sale bins, just bottles in racks. In fact, I'd been at the Safeway wine dept earlier that day (don't judge) and their prices on fancy French champagne were cheaper!

They do have an interesting selection of wines, but the standard pricing and odd hours give little incentive to make a stop here. There are places like the Wine Mine in Temescal with equally awesome wines and crazy-low prices. So, I suppose stopping here would be a convenience thing if you were in the hood, not a money-saving detour."

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