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Founded by electronics wholesaler Matt Rutledge in 2004, Woot is an American Internet retailer based in the suburb of Carrollton, Texas in Dallas. Woot’s main web site generally offers only one discounted product each day, often a piece of computer hardware or an electronic gadget. Other Woot sites offer daily deals for t-shirts, wine, children’s items, household goods, and two other sites that offer various items.


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"We were among the Woot addicted. Many purchases with them, My husband and I were looking daily, honestly not once a day either, not to miss the insane deals and Great merchandise. It was kind of fun. BUT..... I am afraid those days are GONE. All I can say is BUYER BEWARE!! I have SEVERE buyers remorse (Wooter's Remorse). Customer Service SUCKS, Return policy NONE, If your product does not work or is broken or just the crappiest thing on earth, you have NO recourse. You may as well have thrown your money in a bonfire! So all in all, the "insane deals" I thought I had gotten in the beginning have become rather expensive when it all washes out. We are stuck with crap - that is not good enough for Goodwill. I used to tell EVERYONE about Woot, friends, family, strangers, I LOVED WOOT.

I wish I could turn back time, and reserved judgement. I am sure that everyone i told too found out the hard way - this company is the worst one on-line to buy from hands down. Ugh! In the beginning the company was just different and definitely 5 stars.... How do I even give this company ONE star now? They have gone down hill and the deals are just not all that great anymore!"

- Holi A. 3/4/15

"I love Wooting! Always fun to see what there is to offer. I've not done holiday shopping in a store for years because of WOOT.com. In 10 years of being a woot customer, I've yet to have a bad experience."

- kevin1765 2/13/15

"I am still very much on the fence about Woot.com. My reason is because the site is too complicated. They generally have items I want in stock but - most of the items displayed on the site don't have the actual prices so you have to basically click on the item and sometimes add to your cart. All of that just to unveil the price. I generally want to shop quickly and get off the site. The way they have their website set up is a real inconvenience for me. The other thing I am not too fond of is the frequency of their email advertisements. What I do enjoy about the site is their overall price and quality. They are consistent with their business practices and it really shows that they are a business that wants to hear from and engage with their customers so that they can gain a better understanding of what their customer's wants and needs. Another thing that's good to know the site is somewhat messy and it can be difficult to find the site search bar because of the jumbling. Other than that, the site offers some great deals that are worth taking advantage of."

- Estella1 11/19/14

"Yes buyer beware!!! Double charged my account for a $700 computer and refused to resolve the problem. Was left holding a bag of crap because of their mistake. They claim it was a security check. But their version of this "check" is to remove $700 from my account. Then deny the sale, which in turn generated a second sale and the removal of another $700 from my account. It took 6 days for their refund of the first $700 to get back to my account. So... if the first sale was denied because of security issues, why did they take my money?. And if there was a security issue why did the second sale go through? Needless to say I had a couple bills coming out the same week which cause my account to be short. This in turn generated fees. All this because Woot was protecting me."

- John 10/29/14

"I have ordered refurbished and new electronics, homegoods, and the tshirts from these guys. Everything arrives quickly, and as described. It is a daily routine to check their family of websites. Shipping is only $5 no matter how much you fill the cart.

They provide the model number in their posts - you can easily search out reviews on the products and compare pricing elsewhere on the web before ordering."

- Hellish88 9/14/14

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