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Yapta Reviews

Founded in 2007, Yapta is guided by technology experts and veterans of the travel management industry. They understand what it’s like to balance travel budgets, wondering whether it’s better to book airfare now or wait and see. That’s why we developed Yapta price tracking technology for consumers and FareIQ Intelligent Price Tracking™ services for corporations.

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Michael H. posted on 11/4/2007

"How to get refunds for travel (on Yapta!) - You can plan trips through Yapta, but even better, you can get refunds for trips where you already bought a ticket. You simply enter the info and the price you paid, and then if the fare drops further, Yapta notifies you and you get a straight up refund for the difference. It's great! I book through Kayak to find the best airline (you could use http:///www.farecast.com too I guess to check out their future projected fares off those airlines that look promising) and then enter the info from there and start saving."

Stacy T. posted on 11/14/2009

"The simple concept of tracking prices of flights and trips daily is wonderful. Prices change pretty much every week and it is a pain to constantly keep checking but I have been doing just that. I prefer this methodt over the buy it cheap on hotwire or priceline idea. I landed a sweet deal to hawaii from this site."

t S. posted on 4/10/2013

"I don't trust Yapta's reviews. Yapta allows people to post untruthful reviews without even verifying for accuracy or truthfulness. Not only does Yapta allow people to falsify their experiences, most of these reviewers have never even stepped into the establishments they gave a negative review. Usually, these reviews are posted from disgruntled employees or the establishments competition. DON'T TRUST YAPTA !!"

william G. posted on 9/9/2014

"I was thrilled when I heard about Yapta.com, a site which tracks exact flights for you and allows you know when the price goes up or down. If you've previously purchased your ticket, it can assist you get refunds when the ticket price drops. So I have given up using them because it's great for people who are extremely exacting in which flight they are flying and they don't care about the budget."

julio m. posted on 9/21/2014

"Yapta is an average travel related site. One of my uncles planned his business trip with this. They provided good service, the only thing I like with this site is they are tracking price, you can see the updating daily. You can rebook in this site according the price rate. Before choosing this service it is better to go through with the review sites. If you are 100% satisfied then choose them for your travel."

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