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Yoox.com, established in 2000, is the world’s leading online lifestyle store for fashion, design and art .  The company’s concept is to buy up overstocked or unsold items from previous seasons in “a direct relationship” from renowned fashion houses “including Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Gucci, Armani and Cavalli” as well as “manufacturers and authorized dealers” and sell them online at discounted outlet prices.

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"i am so surprised by the bad review . I have been shopping with yoox for years and they are fantastic . The service with UPS is great than if u dont like you sent it back and after 8 to 9 days you get your refund with an email confirmation . I swear iam so shocked to read those bad review . on YOOX you find some amazing designers at a fraction of cost . NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH THEM , I HAVE MORE THAN 50 ORDERS AND SUPERSTAR CUSTOMER CLOTHING PREVIEW . Money YOOX works great or if you change your mind later on , once you log in , you can have your money sent to paypal or bank account . EASY ."

- Salvatore Raia 4/30/15

"I normally don't bother with reviews but this time I feel obliged to do it. I was looking for beautiful white summer sandals and found designer sandals on YOOX that I fell in love with. It was the only pair left my size and I combed the internet believe me. After I ordered them, I checked the reviews of the website (I know it was supposed to be the other way round, but hey). So many bad reviews, why? I lived in fear until delivery which was, by the way, less than a week from Italy to the UK. The sandals are GORGEOUS, and I got them for LESS THAN HALF the original price! Naturally, I did not have to return them, so cannot comment on the return service, but the return labels were enclosed in the box with clear instructions."

- Agne C. 3/10/15

"Recently found out about YOOX.com and gave it a try. Spent about $250 in the first few weeks of ordering 3 items. First item I received was too small, XL Mint Green Alain Polo shirt, sent it back for a refund. Second item I ordered was a Hermitage Burgundy Cardigan with a shawl collar, they sent the wrong item and had to return that as well. The third item I have yet to receive, black Rochas ankle boots that I'm hoping are the right item and fit. Haven't really had good luck with this online retailer and probably won't be continuing to spend money with them. Too bad, they have a great selection at good prices. Shop at your own risk. Shipping is a little slow for my taste and they charge to return the items as well. Even though they sent me the wrong item, they still charged me for shipping to return the item."

- Alexanio T. 2/26/15

"I’ve been purchasing regularly from Yoox for years now and never had issues. My return rate must be hovering around 50% because of fit and sizing - which has nothing to do with the reseller. Interactions with customer service for minor issues were always good. It is my favorite online shop because of the diversity of their products and the amazing deals I’ve been able to find - some of my most cherished clothes! "

- MarieOdile 2/5/15

"I have shopped here at least 10 times in the past year and alwaya find great items of ridiculously low sale prices: $300-$400 dresses on for $45, $1700 handbags for $300.

Made a return once, it took a while to get my refund, since shipping is all the way to Italy.

Wish they had free shipping for a lesser minimum purchase (75 or 100 dollars as opposed to 200) as it often prevents me from buying things from YOOX. I also wish return shipping was free which is what most major retailers offer.

Their product picture qualities could be better but I notice my items arrive even more beautiful than pictured so maybe it's a marketing strategy.

Customer service is good. I got a dress once that was too big, wanted to get a size down and was able to reserve the last dress in my size by calling them. They shipped the smaller dress as soon as they received the returned dress. "

- nhunka44 1/28/15

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