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Zam Reviews

ZAM is the largest collection of massively multi-player online gaming information on the web. Their expertise in the field stretches back fifteen years, and that entire period has been focused on nothing but bringing the latest in-game and out-of-game information to the MMO player.

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Rod G. posted on 6/8/2011

"I have been following and using the zam network of sites for the past 10 years and they are a valuable resource for any MMO gamer. Their sites include Wowhead, Thottbot, and MMOUI. Each of their sites is a respectably run entity where they carefully monitor both spam and advertisements. Content is always original and the community in the forums is always helpful. If you are playing any of the MMOs out there including WOW or Rift you should check out this website and their network of sites."

George H. posted on 12/7/2013

"Probably the best mmo network of information out there. It has replaced the users that used to go to vault, which is now non existant."

Anthony H. posted on 5/31/2014

"I have used wowhead for years and now that it is part of zam I like the network even more as I can use same ID for other games like Rift“

H t. posted on 12/29/2014

"I am not so happy with ZAM at all, especially as i cant find a way to get rid of it. When i want to go to and i type the url in a fresh google screen, it berings me to zam everytime. Can someone tell me how i can get back to just wowhead, and get other url's when i want them instead of ZAM? Would appreciate it very much as it is really annoying.
First time i am here, so giving you stars atm is based on nothing yet."

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