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zenni-opticalSave an average of $9 with 25 coupon codes & deals for zenni optical. Zenni is an online optical retailer for prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and a variety of eyewear of different styles, shapes, colors and material for men and women. The online portal is very user-friendly and products are available at discount prices. Customers like the options and discounts on glasses.

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Real Customer Reviews

Zenni Optical was founded by two scientists in 2003 in the San Francisco Bay Area - a natural fit in the home of forward-thinking, tech-savvy companies. It is committed to giving people glasses they can actually afford but still make them look like a million bucks. It started small, a little company with big ideas, but it quickly grew into a phenomenon. Fashionistas, moms on-the-go, discerning customers; everyone found that they could get the selection they deserved at prices they could afford with Zenni Optical.
Zenni has since grown into an online optical industry leader. That’s prescription eyeglasses online, prescription sunglasses online, non-prescription sunglasses online, sports glasses online, goggles online. Maybe you get the picture - Zenni’s online.

Contact Information:
448 Ignacio Blvd, #332
Novato, CA 94949
Fax: 14158837020
Hours: Mon-Thu: 6AM to 1AM Friday: 6AM to 5PM Saturday: Closed Sunday: 5PM to 1AM

Customer Care Information:
Email: service@zennioptical.com
Phone: 1-800-211-2105

Payment Methods: US - American Express/Discover/MasterCard/Visa

Return Policy: RMA Required

Shipping Method: UPS/FedEx Ground, Ships to Canada, International, Ship to APO/FPO

Special Features:
Secure Ordering/Payment System (SSL/SET)
On-line Ordering Shopping Cart System
On-line Order Tracking System
Customer's Info is Confidential
Live Customer Representative

The Latest Customer Reviews

"I just bought a second pair and had another great experience. I actually stepped on the first pair & they bent, but didn't break. After that, I just couldn't get them to fit right. I asked to return them and they said it was fine since it was under 30 days. Returned my old glasses and got a slightly different pair 2 weeks later.

I highly recommend these guys for glasses. Especially if you have a single vision prescription."

- Dan T. 12/13/14

"This is the second pair of metal frame glasses style #313211 and the second pair that has broken at the bridge! It is as tho the metal at the bridge is of a much weaker material than the frames and arms. Not sure I will buy another pair, as quality control of the frames seems to be an issue."

- Chris H. 12/9/14

"I ordered a pair of glasses from zennioptical.com. The glasses I received were not the same as the picture I ordered. I called customer service so I could return the glasses, they told me that they would email me a RA number to do the return for 50 cash back or 100 store credit. They have not emailed the RA number and it's almost been a week. I've called back and got a recording telling me to leave a message so I did and two days later they've still not emailed me any return information. I just emailed them my email address to see if I can help them along the way in doing their job correctly. I really don't want their 50% store credit. I'm not sure if a pair of glasses that don't look like the advertised picture is a manufacturer's error but I think it is. I'd like my 100% cash back for my return."

- hilary 12/7/14

"Great product great service"

- garyjcarette44 11/17/14

"I discovered Zenni seven years ago. I went to my eye doctor for my yearly exam, probably tried on every frame in the office and settled on a black Calvin Klein frame. About a week later, I went to pick them up, tried them on and literally gasped when I saw my reflection. I hated them. I have no idea why I had chosen those frames and couldn't possibly imagine what I had been thinking. Even after my vision insurance, I paid almost $200 out of my pocket. For glasses I hated! My eye doctor couldn't care less that I hated them. They were just like "too bad". So I thought how in the world am I going to wear these for an entire year? I literally went home and cried.

I went shopping over the next few days to price glasses at other retailers. Guess what? Since I used my insurance allotment, another pair of lenses & frames would literally cost me several hundreds of dollars. So I decided to take to the internet. I stumbled upon Zenni. The website, back then, was really shady. The whole premise was sketchy. Who are these zenni people? Is my purchase funding a terrorist group? But it's like 12 bucks. If they're awful then oh well it's 12 bucks. Seeing as I already wasted $200 on the CK's, what's another $12? I received them about 10 days later and I was shocked! They were great! The frames were stylish, the prescription was spot on. Since then, I've ordered at least 3 pairs each year. I've have never sent a pair back. Sure there were a couple that were less than perfect but I've never paid over $50 for a pair of glasses. Some issues I've had were a result of my own mistakes. I had a pair or two that were just too big for my head. My husband has had a couple pairs that were too small. After that, we learned how to measure. My husband did have a pair that arrived scratched. Zenni told him to send them right back and they replaced them.

So here's the breakdown on zenni. I never pay over $50 for a pair of glasses from them. I still get my one high end designer glasses that my vision insurance (mostly) covers each year. What I order from zenni are secondary glasses. I get more compliments on my Zenni glasses than I do from my designer ones. And it's nice to know that if I drop them or fall asleep with them on or whatever, I'm only losing about 30 bucks. I've read reviews where people were really unhappy but it's all about expectations. You must remember what you are paying. And yes, depending on the options you choose, you could pay a couple hundred. But I keep my order pretty bare bones. I've read that prescriptions for bifocals and other more intricate prescriptions can be dicey. But again, you have to consider what your paying. I love zenni! It's so worth a try!!"

- Lisa B. 10/19

Decent product at cheap price, but beware of bifocals!

I bought my first pair of eyeglasses from Zenni in November 2014 just to try it out. Delivery took three weeks, but, hey, they were cheap. Quality was decent and prescription was correct.

Placed a second order in December for three pair (total $140) and had similar experience. I thought three weeks was a bit too long to wait. Other than that, quality was acceptable. If they last a year, I've gotten more than my dollars' worth.

Now, the bifocal issue. I wear them. Be advised that Zenni apparently cannot (or won't) change the size of the bifocal field. It takes up roughly the bottom one-third of the lens, a bit too large for my daily use. When I requested a smaller bifocal area on my second order, I was told Zenni grinds its lenses in one size only.

IF you can stand this minor flaw and the associated occasional (literal) headaches that accompany it, I say give them a try. Not a perfect solution, but a far better price than I've seen anywhere else.

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