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Founded in 2008, Zoara is the culmination of over 50 years of combined professional expertise in the diamond and jewelry industries. It offers a large selection of jewelry & diamonds at reasonable prices for engagement.

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Real Customer Reviews

"My fiancé purchased a diamond engagement ring from Zoara for our engagement! Customer Care was extremely helpful in advising him about the diamond clarity and setting for the perfect ring- exactly what I dreamed of having! The packaging was unbelievable to match the unbelievable proposal! Thank you for making our life-changing experience that much more memorable!"

- Annie M. 8/20/15

"When my husband and I decided to renew our vows we hit the internet to find the perfect rings to exchange at the ceremony. Zoara provided the best customer support and helped us find exactly what we were looking for at a great price."

- Kristy M. 7/17/15

"Just received my order...in a word .. AWESOME, the wedding ring for my future husband is breathtaking.. The attention to detail is outstanding beautifully carved. Everything I was hoping for an more!! Now about customer service, I have never done business with a company that was so professional an spot on. I ordered the wedding ring an got an instant reply of purchase. I was told that I would be notified when my order was ready to ship. After 5 days I had not heard anything, I sent an email to customer support. I received an immediate reply an reassured that the ring would be sent as soon as it was ready. Within a few days I was emailed a shipping notice an my order was sent fedEx overnight...when I opened the ring box WOW .. Just gorgeous, an best of all the ring box has a tiny light inside !! I am beyond pleased, I will recommended Zoara to all my friends, family an coworkers for all of their jewelry needs."

- Miguel E. 5/1/15

"I started shopping for an engagement ring three months ago. I went to a few major jewellery chains here in London and couldn't believe the high prices for what I was looking for.I then went online to learn more about diamonds and pricing and soon found Bluenile and Zoara. I couldn't believe what I could get online. The difference in value for my money was huge (!).
I picked out the diamond I wanted with ring and placed my order (24/7 chat was very helpful). A few days after the ring arrived I was very pleased with it. In fact it looked much better than in the picture on the website. I was happy with the setting, the diamond and the price i paid. I got a great ring at a very reasonable retail price."

- Arlene M. 3/29/15

"I actually had a great experience with Zoara. I had to go through some extra security steps as I was ordering to Europe, but other than that, for a $4, 500 purchase I was handled professionally and honestly. I have no doubts recommending Zoara to anybody."

- Travis S 1/2/15

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