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Zulily is a leading private shopping club for mothers, kids, and babies in the world, which offers quick access to the many items found in appropriate categories and subcategories. It’s easy to find what you need at Zulily.com. You can find everything from top-quality apparel to treats for babies. You’ll also find plenty of deals and offers through Zulily.com. Customers love the ease and convenience of shopping at Zulily.com. As you’re shopping, maximize your budget with Zulily coupon codes and frequent product discounts. You may also look for a Zulily coupon code from this page, which you can save up to 70% off retail price. Before using the Zulily coupon codes, you must read and understand Zulily coupons terms and conditions.

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Real Customer Reviews:


"I have ordered several times from Zulily in the last few months. What I appreciate is the VARIETY of items offered. Unusual items that are not found at the typical Kohl's or JC Pennys. I find that the prices are fair. Not overpriced, but not a great bargain either. I do not appreciate the LONG wait time for the products and I am very upset that several items I have ordered have been CANCELLED after waiting for several weeks. A full refund is promptly given, however its a huge disappointment to be waiting weeks for something, just to be told that it is no longer avaliable. "

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"I too have ordered what I thought to be sufficient time to receive my order. Called customer service yesterday and was told they would email the shipper and check on the order as it had been 2wks past documented shipping date scheduled. However the customer service person I spoke to was apologetic why would they not customarily follow orders being delayed without customers calling in? I am told it could take up to 72 hrs to get a response from the shipper or they could cancel the order. If I cancel do I get reimbursed? I do not want credit as I do not order on a regular basis and these were Christmas gift to be given during Thanksgiving (when my family would be getting together this year). I need the money to go and purchase these gifts now. "

"I'm very happy with Zulily shop here all the time and never had a problem 5 stars"

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"I have ordered from them about 3 times. A previous order included an item that didn't work. They immediately refunded my $ & gave me a credit towards a future purchase & I didn't even have to ship the item back. That was great. They have great prices as well on many things. I also called Cust Svc to get details on an item I wanted to buy & the rep was very friendly & helpful. That being said, however, they take FOREVER to ship orders. I placed an order on Nov. 4 & the estimated shipping date is Nov 24. Maybe I will get it before December. To add insult to injury, I have to pay for shipping. I think that is far too long to have to wait for an order, no matter how great the prices are."

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"Have order a few things from zulily and always been happy. Recent order was not exactly what I ordered and the shipped the right order out as soon as they were notified of it. Great Customer service!!!"

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