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zZounds Reviews

zZounds is an online retailer of musical instruments and accessories that was once rumored to be co-founded by ZZ Top lead vocalist Billy Gibbons. zZounds sells guitars, keyboards, drums, accordions, amps and microphones. They also carry DJ equipment like processors and turntables. Plus, recording equipment like mixers and monitors.

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Real Customer Reviews

Joyce G. posted on 4/24/2013

"I've bought several items from here, all of them on installment payment plans. The only drawback is that they keep checking your credit so you get a hit on your credit report each time they do that, it's annoying. But the last time I bought something (couple weeks ago), since i had established a track record already they offered me a payment plan and did not do a credit check so that was good. Most of the people I have spoken to on the phone were helpful and knowledgeable. And they ship out their items pretty quickly. I usually get my items in 2 days if not the next day depending on how early I place an order. I have bought the following items from them:

Seagull Entourage Rustic Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - love this guitar, came in perfect, mint condition, never opened before. Packaged well.

Cordoba Fusion 14 Rose (I ended up returning it b/c it had a buzzy fret and they were helpful and quick in the return process) - but it came in perfect, mint condition, never opened before. Packaged well. Came 2 days after I ordered.

Cordoba Iberia GK Studio Negra - arrived perfectly and 2 days after I ordered. No issues. Still have it. came in perfect, mint condition, never opened before. Packaged well. Came 2 days after I ordered.

Cordoba Orchestra Fusion - Didn't like the guitar and there was a discrepancy/issue with how it was described to me by the salesperson (they said it was not an acoustic/electric guitar and it is) so they were nice enough to pick up the cost of the shipping b/c it was not as described

Fishman Minibox Amp & Cover - works great, no issues. Came 2 days after I ordered. They did a price match on this b/c I saw it listed for less elsewhere so they matched the lower price on the other competitor's site.

Yamaha YPG 235 76 Key Portable Grand Keyboard - works great, no issues - this took longer to ship, it came from a different warehouse location than the guitars did.

Gator classical guitar case, TSA approved - came 2 days after I ordered, brand new. no issues.

I would definitely order from here again."

Jonathan B. posted on 11/19/2013

"They advertise a Low Price Guarantee however in practice they do not offer this guarantee. They don't typically match good sale prices so it should be a "low price sometimes but only when we feel like it" guarantee."

matthew. posted on 8/3/2014

"Ordered a Fender American Special Jazz Bass in Black. I'm using the Play As You Pay payment plan and so far nothing bad has happen. Got the bass on the estimated ship date, found it perfectly packaged and the bass had no scratches or wear on it and it plays great. Reading all these negative reviews made me skeptical at first, but I was willing to take the risk because I needed a bass. Zzounds passed with flying colors in my book which concludes my experience with them so far, but the question is would I come back to purchase something else from them? Sure, but I'll still be cautious."

sconnolly. posted on 9/15/2014

"I ordered a mim fender strat plus top and I couldn't be happier with my experience. My guitar came brand new, sealed in the fender factory box and it was in perfect condition. It was even setup pretty well (by fender) This is one sweet guitar!! This shipped from NJ to MD and I received it within 24 hours of ordering. Thank you zzounds!!! I look forward to buying from you in the future."

Goatstroker. posted on 12/5/2014

"Limited online selection but they had a great set of drums and a fantastic 4 payment installment plan which enabled me to start playing sooner.

Shipping was very fast. Ordered Monday night (after close of business) and received my brand new drum set on Thursday. That's as good as FREE shipping gets.

The one issue I had was with their customer service. I emailed to ask if the drums I ordered were the satin finish or not since both are available from the mfg. The customer service rep replied pretty quickly and wrote that Satin is in the product description so these were satin finished. But they aren't. The drums I received (-DCB, not -SDCB) are very much NOT satin finished. The lack of product knowledge and poor attempt to resolve my question (they never even responded to my follow-up email) cost them a star.

Know what you want and pay attention to mfg model/item numbers so you know exactly what you're buying. Also note they sell open-box items as well as new, so pay attention to which you'd prefer.

For now, I'd consider them average. The shipping was excitingly fast and the payment plan was very helpful to get me practicing sooner, but their limited inventory and poor product knowledge prevent them from receiving a higher rating from me.

The pricing was good on my shell pack and I would recommend this seller with the aforementioned caveats."

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